It was never in our plans to push our first ever scuba diving experience this year. We wanted to learn how to swim first (since we felt it will be easier if we know how) but due to our busy schedules we were not able to even start enrolling in one.

Since my best friend is coming home to the Philippines for a vacation, we had freed our weekends to catch up and bond as well as schedule our travel to share both in our blogs.

Check her blog/vlog here: Youtube Channel – Marielle Erika

Upon researching on where to go, we stumbled into some blogs featuring a resort that offers an Easy Scuba Diving Class Experience (accommodates beginners – zero knowledge) and it’s just in San Luis, Batangas meaning it is very accessible if you are coming from Manila.

summer cruise batangas review

summer cruise batangas review

The beauty of the underwater, the smell of the sea and the orange sunset ending through the waters were too tempting to just ignore and pass. Found it as a sign that maybe it’s time to finally try out something quite risky and we have never done before.



Summer Cruise and Diving is a resort located in the peaceful and sleepy town of San Luis, Batangas (known to have beautiful marine sanctuaries perfect for diving). It offers an affordable intro to diving classes, PADI open water course, eco-friendly accommodations – overlooking the beach and a homey restaurant which includes Japanese dishes in their menu.



summer cruise review

This resort promotes serenity to its customers with its beautiful sunsets and calm waters perfect for those who would like to get away for a while from the chaos of the city.


  • Snorkeling

It is great that even the waters near the shore of Summer Cruise and Diving have fishes and corals which are nice to see when you just wanted to have a quick dip and be inspired by the morning.

This is best for those who are not a fan of deep waters but still wants to be refreshed by the feeling of their body being submerged in the ocean and stroked by the warmth of the sun.

summer cruise batangas blog

Also, to see the bottom clearly, you can always rent snorkeling gears from the information desk with an applicable price.

  • Free Diving

Most of the people who visit Summer Cruise are naturally divers who crave for the ocean waters. They constantly come back to see the ocean floors.

Sharing with you a photo from The Queen’s Escape free diving experience in Summer Cruise.

summer cruise batangas blog

Check out her blogs at: The Queen’s Escape

  • SCUBA Diving

Summer Cruise and Diving is one of the resorts that offer Intro to Scuba Diving at a reasonable price. Certified and experienced guide divers will orient you the step by step on what to do during your first time diving. This includes the proper use of diving gears which are very important whenever starting your dive in deep waters.

summer cruise scuba diving

This resort is highly recommended for people who would love to try SCUBA DIVING for the first time. What’s great is that it is not a requirement to know how to swim before being able to experience scuba diving. Do not worry, your dive guide will be with you throughout.

They also offer a 2 day PADI open water course for those who are capable and qualified to take the lesson.

  • Overlooking beach accommodations

When you plan to visit Summer Cruise and Diving and want to stay for a night, you can avail one of their accommodations which mostly are eco-friendly and overlooking the waters. You may also bring your own tent if you opted to camp at their designated sites.

how to go to summer cruise batangas

how to go to summer cruise batangas

how to go to summer cruise

Make sure to inform them in advance especially if you are staying over the weekend or during holidays due to the peak of the visitors and availability of the accommodations.

We chose to stay at their CORAL ROOMS since we wanted to have our own private bathroom which was a big help when it’s time to wash up and go home (avoiding the waiting time in the shared bathroom).

where to stay in batangas

where to stay in batangas

Check rates and reservation contact details below.

  • Restaurant

You have the option to bring food and cook your own, but if it will be a hassle to bring all the ingredients and tools, Summer Cruise and Diving also has a restaurant that offers Breakfast to Dinner meals plus it has JAPANESE DISHES in their menu.

Top diving spots in the philippines

We definitely recommend the TONKATSU CURRY RICE. It tastes legit Japanese curry and satisfying.

It is very convenient knowing that the restaurant is always open whenever we need to fill our tummies after a long swim at the beach. They even have alcoholic drinks when you and your friends want to drink for a night, just make sure to drink moderately.

Did we mention that they have FREE COFFEE and MINERAL WATER too? Not bad right?

Top diving spots in the philippines

  • Chill spots

What’s great in the set-up and location of Summer Cruise and Diving is that all of its chill spots have great views. From sunrise to orange sunsets. From mountain views to ocean views. You will definitely enjoy a laid back and near the nature stay in this resort.



scuba diving in Batangas

resorts in batangas

Our SCUBA DIVING experience (as first timers)

The four of us were able to try out their INTRO DIVE (Boat) activity wherein we rode a boat to dive the deep waters and see more of the marine sanctuaries.

scuba diving lessons ph

At first, we were asked to watch an introductory video showing the basic information on scuba diving. It includes what hand gestures to make in order to understand, monitor, and tell your current situation to your dive guide when underwater.

Afterwards, we went to fit our suits and gears (very important!) to make sure that we will be wearing the right type and sizes as well as, of course, optimize our dive.

scuba diving lessons ph

Upon completing our suits and gears, we then headed off to our dive guides to start our actual orientation and review the process we have watched during the introductory video. They made sure we wore the right goggles (no water entering) and made it clear on what we will be experiencing during our first time diving.

summer cruise batangas rates

summer cruise batangas rates

As soon as we were done with the orientation, it is time for us to test what we have learned in the deep waters and rode our boat until we reached our diving spot. What we felt during this time was a combination of fear and excitement (especially me who do not know how to swim in deep waters, I just want to stop and cancel).

When we finally arrived, all the rules and gestures were reviewed, gears and tanks were checked and we are finally off to our first scuba diving experience.

We cannot believe that we were really actually doing it. We went deeper and deeper into the waters to see more of the different beauties of each corals and fishes. We even fed the fishes as they surround us! IT’S SO SURREAL!

diving sites in the philippines

WE EVEN SAW A BIG SEA TURTLE! – some say seeing one during your dive means LUCK.

We haven’t even notice that it’s time to get back up on the boat. WE BECAME MORE INLOVE WITH THE OCEAN.

summer cruise batangas rates

San Luis Batangas resorts

After the scuba diving experience, we went back to the resort. It is still unbelievable that we have finally done it. If not for our summer cruise dive guides who made us feel protected and reassured us, we wouldn’t have continued doing it all along.

IMG_2265 (2)

activities to try in batangas

SUMMER CRUISE made our first scuba diving experience INCREDIBLY UNFORGETTABLE.

And we will do it again for sure!

Best way to end the day? WATCH THE BEAUTIFUL SUNSET.

activities to try in batangas

activities to try in batangas

best sunsets in ph

sunset watching in ph


via Private Car

  • Just set “Binukbok Parking” on Waze or Google Maps from your current location and drive off until you reach the location.
  • As soon as you arrived, there are people you can ask on where exactly to park your vehicle (inside binukbuk parking).
  • Park your car (PHP 100 per vehicle) and bring all the things you’ll need during your stay at Summer Cruise.
  • From here, you can contact the owner for assistance on how to walk to summer cruise or call for a boat ride

Binukbuk parking

Photo taken from Google Maps

via Commute

  • From LRT Buendia or Cubao, take a bus bound to LEMERY – (DLTB or JAM Transit)
  • Tell the driver to drop you off at Xentro Mall or at the Terminal 210
  • Take a tricycle going to San Luis Barangay Balite and look for Binukbok Parking – Php 150 / ride
  • From here, you can contact the owner for assistance on how to walk to summer cruise or call for a boat ride.

Boat Transfers:

Php 50 / way – parking to/from Summer Cruise

Option 2:

Walk 100 meters from parking to summer cruise

island hopping in batangas



INTRO DIVE (BEACH FRONT) – PHP 1,800 (25 mins dive time)

  • Inclusive of entrance fee, gear, equipment, dive guide and wetsuit

INTRO DIVE (BOAT) – PHP 2,800 (25 mins dive time)

  • Inclusive of entrance fee, boat rental, gear, equipment, dive guide and wetsuit


  • Mask and Snorkel – PHP 150/day
  • Fins – PHP 100/day
  • Aqua Shoes /Booties – PHP 100/day
  • All Gear Package – PHP 300/day


ACCOMMODATIONS (all room rates are for 2 pax)

Standard Check in time: 2:00 PM

Standard Check out time: 10:00 AM

Time extension: PHP 100 per hour

AQUA ROOM – PHP 985 (weekdays) ; PHP 1,500 (weekends)

  • Inclusions: 2 single beds, 1 ceiling fan. Shared toilet and shower

BAY ROOM – PHP 1,300 (weekdays and weekends)

  • Inclusions: 1 double bed, desk fan, aircon. Shared toilet and shower.

CORAL ROOM – PHP 985 (weekdays) ; PHP 1,600 (weekends)

  • Inclusions: 2 single beds, 1 ceiling fan. Private toilet and shower
affordable batangas beach resorts

ISLAND ROOM – PHP 985 (weekdays) ; PHP 1,700 (weekends)

  • Inclusions: 1 queen sized bed, 1 single bed, 1 ceiling fan. Private toilet and shower

affordable resorts near manila

affordable resorts near manila

For additional person (same room with 2 pax):

  • ADULT: add PHP 350 per pax
  • CHILDREN (10 years and below): add PHP 150 per pax


  • Corkage Fee for Food and liquor – PHP 200 for whole stay
  • Cooking Fee – PHP 300 for whole stay

affordable resorts near manila

weekend getaway ph

Prices may change without prior notice. Kindly contact them directly for reservations.

50% down payment is required to confirm reservation.


Contact Person: Kai Takagaki

Contact Numbers: Globe: +639166663772 / Smart: +639478127671

Address: San Luis, Batangas near Binukbuk Parking

Email address:

Facebook page: Summer Cruise


weekend getaway ph

20200215_174752 (1)


  • D elightful Vibe – 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊
  • O utstanding Amenities – 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊
  • C ompetitive Rates – 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊
  • A ccessible Area – 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊
  • H elpful Staffs – 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊

Summer Cruise and Diving Resort is the perfect location for people who would love to have a quick escape and peace by the beach. The place itself just eased all our stresses away. We felt safe and were satisfied with our scuba diving experience and we definitely recommend it to all the first timers.


San luis batangas tourist spot

Thanks for reading.

Hope this helps!


Take a risk, go to an adventure.

For updates:

Follow us on IG: adventureswithdocah

Like our FB Page: Adventures with Docah

Till our next,
Aaron and Cah

17 thoughts on “This resort in Batangas made our first ever scuba diving experience come true and incredibly unforgettable! (Guide + Rates)

  1. This is a good review about Summer Cruise, it gave me a complete understanding on what to expect on the property. A lot of bloggers too are inviting me to experience Scuba diving, and this quite gave me a push. Love that their japanese dishes, something to look forward on my future visit. Thank you also for noting the shared toilet and bath, would really reserve the Coral Room.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my, takot ako mag skuba diving! You are so brave! Batangas is very wide, Lipa palang and Masasa Beach ang napuntahan ko. I’ll definitely check this blog again when I go to Batangas again!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhhh, the beach life. What would I give to go to the beach this summer? Ang cute ng accommodation and it’s sp near the coast waters too! What a dream!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ohh wow that sunset!! 🥰😍 i haven’t tried diving yet! But it’s nice to know there’s a place near Manila that have nice accommodation and friendly staff and trainer!!! ❤️ Hopefully I can try soon! ☀️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love that they managed to put some books there:-)… this is a good guide for those who want to experience scuba diving after the pandemic… in the meantime, stay safe!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Nakakamiss na gumala! Kung walang ECQ ngayon malamang kahit sa Batangas lang gumala na kami ng firend ko. Nice naman yung mga pic mo sa Summer Cruise and Diving Resort, pwede namin iconsider sa next gala namin kapag naging normal na ang lahat.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Affordable yung accommodation nila! Sulit na ung 1600 (weekend) tapos private toilet pa. I haven’t tried scuba diving.snorkelling palang. Pwede ba magscuba diving kahit di marunong lumangoy? My bad talga huhu mahilig ako sa mga beach pero di lang ako makaenjoy fully dahil hanggang float lang ako haha

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I grew up in Batangas but I haven’t been to Anilao, shame on me! Makes me miss my hometown even more. Aaah, after this crisis, I’ll sure be on my way to Batangas.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. ive always wanted to scuba dive pero takot ako pag di ko abot at takot ako sa ano maaapakan ko hahahaa. nun nasa underwater ba kayo, katabi niyo din nun nag tuturong diver? hahahahaa im so scared char pero super gusto ko ma try.

    ang i super like the place ang chill lang niya. kaso di sya yun tipong me sand ako sa shore na matatambayan ng kids.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Wow! Habang binabasa ko to nakakaramdam ako ng takot. Hindi rin ako marunong lumangoy kase, pero gustong gusto ko magswim kaya hanggang sa mababaw lang ako, pero ikaw ang galing mo kinaya mo mag dive. I was looking forward to more pictures of you under the water sana, maybe i’ll stalk your IG kung meron haha. Gusto ko din matuto mag scuba diving pero nakakatakot!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Your pictures are amazing!! Like wow, i could look at them all day. Kinda reminiscing the summer adventure we could have all had. This pandemic sucks and I just hope that everything gets better soon so that we can visit this place and everywhere else. Huhu

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Awesome! The photos are amazing. Makes me miss going to the beach a little. I also felt your excitement on each pictures too. Wishing I could go there. Will save up for it!

    Liked by 1 person

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