Calling all nature lovers slash beach bummers!

We just found the perfect hideout for us! Just writing this blog post makes me want to visit it again right now.


It was a quick planned trip to the beach of Liwliwa, Zambales. We were searching for a place to stay for our visit but our points to consider are:

  • It should be peaceful, quiet and relaxing since we were already very stressed by the crowds of Manila.
  • More nature = More points
  • Affordable yet clean and decent
  • Great Reviews
  • No karaoke or loud party – YES sorry lola and lolo mode, we are saying this in advance. But you can always visit the other hostels for chillnumans and dancing even when staying at this place.



Let us share with you more information about this nature-filled hostel in Liwliwa.

About The HIDEOUT hostel

The HIDEOUT Hostel is owned by a very accommodating guy named “Ian” and facilitated together with his welcoming mother. We haven’t asked much about their personal lives but what we have observed is that they speak Kapampangan.

His traveling experience and love for the environment reflected through the beauty of this hostel. He recycles used woods, grills, bamboos etc. by making it into another useful product like tables and chairs or even amazing local arts.



The place is like a small village that grown inside a forest which they achieved by planting trees, flowers and organic vegetables promoting clean air and sustainable development.


They also participate in Pawikan Conservation Volunteer Group (PawiCare) which takes care of Pawikans and its eggs until they hatch and can be released back to the sea. And of course, since Liwliwa is quite known for surfing, they also conduct surfing lessons upon the availability of the instructor.



The HIDEOUT hostel is located at almost the end of the lane of accommodations making it a bit far from the beach compared to the other hostels. BUT their location is what makes their hostel the perfect place to relax through being calmed by the fresh air breeze and immersed with the lush beauty of nature.

How to commute to Hideout hostel

  • From Cubao, we rode a bus going to OLONGAPO CITY since tickets going to IBA, ZAMBALES were already sold out.
  • From Olongapo City, we rode an ordinary bus going to IBA, ZAMBALES and asked the driver to drop us off at SAN FELIPE PUBLIC MARKET
  • As soon as we arrive at San Felipe, we rode a tricycle going liwliwa, just tell the driver to drop you off at The Hideout hostel.

If you are coming from the lane of Brew Brothers, you can walk further until you reach a path with a sign on the left side indicating the way to Hideout hostel. It looks like the photo below:



Where we stayed

We reserve for a Dorm Bed in the Attic Room which costs Php 750 per head with Locker and a yummy Vegan Breakfast cooked by the owners. The Attic Room can accommodate up to 8 persons with mosquito net per bed and a fan provided per 2 Dorm Beds.




Staying at the Attic Room was one of the best decisions we have made during our Liwliwa, Zambales trip. We get to meet 2 SOLO TRAVELLERS that were also very outgoing and share their thoughts freely.

The Hideout Café

One more thing that is great with The Hideout hostel is that they offer coffee and meals straight from their kitchen. The hideout café is just outside the accommodations.



As we have mentioned from our past blog posts, we are fond of drinking coffee. The best way to make us really stay in a place is knowing they can provide some freshly brewed coffee whenever we are craving for it.




Take note that they only serve VEGAN meals which for some are just perfect. We are not vegans but when we tried their breakfast especially the squash rolls, we had to have it again since it’s too delicious.

LRM_EXPORT_143615883718392_20190606_074426428     LRM_EXPORT_143267975415256_20190606_073838520


In love with part where you get to eat your Vegan meals outside. Sit in a constructed wooden chair while feeling the cold morning breeze and just hearing it rustle through the trees as the sun rises fully.

Price is justifiable.


The Hideout Hostel Rates


All rooms include:

  • Fan
  • Mosquito Net per bed
  • Electric outlets
  • Bed depending on room pax limitation

Couple Room – Size: 6.25 square meters

  • Good for 2 pax = Php 1500
  • Good for 3 pax = Php 2000

Room 1 – Size: 12.25 square meters

  • Good for 4 pax = Php 2500
  • Good for 3 pax = Php 2125

Room 2

  • Good for 4 pax = Php 2500
  • Good for 5 pax = Php 3000

Bukilat Room – Ground Floor

  • Good for 1 pax = Php 975
  • Good for 2 pax = Php 1300

Callao Room – Ground Floor (Double deck beds)

  • Good for 6 pax = Php 3400
  • Good for 8 pax = Php 4000

Attic Room – Locker provided

  • Good for 8 pax = Php 5600
  • Good for 1 pax (SHARED) = Php 750


How to Book a room at The Hideout Hostel

  1. Go to their Facebook Page
  2. Input the date you want to reserve
  3. Pick a room
  4. Wait for an email confirmation
  5. Pay as stated on your email

Make sure to update and contact them once confirmed for your check-in and check-out time. Especially if you are arriving very late at night since they can only accommodate check-ins until 8:00 PM to avoid disturbing their guests.


Budget (2 Days and 1 Night)

  • Bus to Olongapo – 226 pesos
  • Bus to San Felipe – 73 pesos
  • Tricycle – 100 pesos/4pax
  • Environmental fee – 30 pesos
  • Dorm bed with breakfast – 750 pesos
  • Tricycle – 100 pesos/4pax
  • Bus back to Cubao – 437 pesos

TOTAL EXPENSES = Php 1566 / head with breakfast


The Hideout Hostel Contact Details

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our Ratings

  • D elightful Vibe – 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿
  • O utstanding Amenities – 🌿🌿🌿🌿
  • C ompetitive Rates – 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿
  • A ccessible Area – 🌿🌿🌿🌿
  • H elpful Staffs – 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

Ian and his mother made our stay at The Hideout hostel VERY WARM and COMFY. They made us feel like it was our own. And YEEES! we highly recommend this hostel for those people who always always love the peace and serenity. CANT WAIT TO BE BACK TO LIWLIWA and spend some memorable time again in The HIDEOUT Hostel.



Hope this helps!


Take a risk, go to an adventure.

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Till our next,
Aaron and Cah

13 thoughts on “Stay at this affordable nature-filled HIDEOUT hostel on your next visit to LIWLIWA ZAMBALES

  1. i love how it stays true ti nature. ang ganda tingnan ng paligid. lahat nagcocomplement. the best thing, hindi sya kamahalan:-).


  2. Zambales is, indeed, home to pristine beaches. I hope the municipality maintains the cleanliness of the shores and serenity of the mountains, too. I’ve been there a lot of times and I hope to go back with the kids, this time. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When things started to go back to normal, I would love to visit more local destinations in the Philippines. I will include this place, very relaxing and promotes a slow lifestyle.

    Liked by 1 person

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