Are you one of those Kdrama fans who wants to try everything NEW they see in Korean dramas?


Well, we are! If you were able to see and read our blogpost about the “5 Tips on matching ootds with your bestie” (If not, read it here.) , you already know now that me and my bestfriend are 6795 miles apart from each other. That is why, whenever she comes home to the Philippines, we always wanted to do something we weren’t able to try yet or go to places we haven’t visited yet.

So when she came home last January (okay I know this blogpost is long overdue haha), we both wanted to have some kind of spa relaxation bonding and since the amount of time we had was a day due to my work and her upcoming trip to Korea, we searched for nearby spas we can relax in.

And here comes our KDRAMA TALK, since she was going to Korea and I am not, why don’t we try to meet halfway.

Do a relaxation bond the KOREAN way

That’s where we found, NEW LASEMA SPA AND JJIMJILBANG.



If you have been watching kdramas and have seen women wearing the same colored oversized shirts and shorts with a towel (rolled into two bonds for each ear) on top of their heads, then this one’s like it!


Lasema Spa and Jjimjilbang (now NEW LASEMA SPA) is the first 24/7 FAMILY-ORIENTED (YES you can bring your KIDS here yey!) Authentic Korean spa located in Makati City offering Jjim JIL BANG with different types of SAUNA ROOM and  MASSAGES from Foot Reflexology to Aromatherapy. They also have a KTV Room and a Korean snack bar to complete your whole Korean spa experience.

Now first things first, WHAT IS JJIM JIL BANG?

JJIM JIL BANG (wherein Jjim Jil means heating) is a public bathhouse in Korea consisting of different types of hot baths, showers, saunas and massages. Public hot baths and showers are segregated by genders, so no worries on someone seeing you naked (OH YES, you have to be naked before entering the hot bath)

Other than the public hot baths, showers and locker room, the areas can accessed freely with your partner, whole family or friends just make sure not to forget to wear the clothes given to you as you enter.

NEW LASEMA SPA promises to relax, renew and revitalize you during your stay.


Upon our arrival at the reception of New Lasema Spa, we were welcomed and asked on what packages we will be availing. Since we wanted a full Korean spa experience, we chose the FULL PACKAGE which has 12-hour stay/access to Wet Sauna + Jjim Jil Bang + an hour of MASSAGE (Total cost: Php 1100 = $ 21.12 = KRW 25539.50)

As soon as we paid, we were given each a pink shirt and shorts, 2 small towels and a locker key which can be wore as a bracelet (Make sure you wear it all the time to access other areas).


Entrance for men and women are separated since it leads both to the locker rooms and connects with the wet sauna or hot bath.

Before we entered, we were asked to remove our shoes and NOT USE OUR CAMERAS INSIDE THE LOCKER ROOM AND WET SAUNA. Want to know why?

QUICK STORY: As we were looking for our lockers, we unexpectedly saw a woman, walking around naked with a towel on her head while the other one was sitting and texting topless. IT’S DEFINITELY AN AWKWARD SITUATION FOR US. Well, it’s our first time seeing women naked and walking around freely. But then again we realized that was normal in a Korean spa, we shouldn’t be bothered and just enjoy our relaxation experience.

After changing into our spa clothes, we chose to explore the area and started experiencing the best of NEW LASEMA SPA.



The locker and wet sauna are the first two places you can enter and try out as soon as you enter LASEfacMA.

In the wet sauna, you are required to take off ALL your clothes before entering any hot bath or showers which we both were not able read about. This is their way of making the hot baths pure and clean. Even swimsuits are not allowed so make sure to ready yourself if you want to try it.

Since our mind and body are not ready yet to get naked haha, we opted to proceed outside and sweat ourselves out in the dry saunas.

Upon leaving the locker room, the ambiance just became very relaxing and quiet. We saw a nail art section, 2 dry sauna rooms (Far Infrared Room), a sleeping area and a stairs going up the 2nd floor.



After coming up the stairs, we saw toilets (one for boy and one for girl), which for us, was a sign that this area is the start of the common are wherein can be accessed by both.

Common Area/Snack Bar

The second floor was the main common area wherein the snack bar, KTV Rooms (extra cost), sleeping caves and areas (for family), gym, kid’s area, aquarium, massage area and different types of sauna rooms are located and can be shared by both men and women.

Sleeping Caves
Kid’s playroom

We immediately searched for a table to arrange our towels into a SPA BUN which was more challenging than we thought. Annnnd finally off to feed our hungry tummies from an exhausting spa bun constructing haha

Snack Bar

Remember the locker key turned bracelet we told you to ALWAYS wear? Here’s where you use it. If you want to buy something from the snack bar, you’ll just have to give your bracelet for them to record your purchases. All purchases will be paid upon check out in Lasema.



Since we wanted to really try the whole Korean spa experience, we ordered ramen, kimbap, hard boiled eggs, fish cakes and the most famous rice juice.

A bit expensive than the usual, but still worth the try.

A little rest then we started entering the dry hot saunas,

They get as hot as 90C! and as cold as a freezer!

New Lasema Dry Saunas


Since Massage area is in this floor as well, make sure to check your schedule or if you are suddenly planning to get one, just present your bracelet and time of massage and just pay it off before leaving Lasema.


On the 3rd floor, you can access a Cable TV and lazy boy couches wherein you can sleep and relax after getting exhausted from all the sweating.



We napped a little then finally showering ourselves up before having our massages. Again, men and women are separated in each massage room and if you’re only 2, like us, expect that other customer (same gender) will be in the same room. There are 3 massage tables in our room so we were joined by another female.



Massage Verdict? SUPER YAY!


After a good massage, we were offered a complimentary hot tea to help our muscles relax. Drinking it in front of a beautiful aquarium was the perfect way to end our whole day NEW LASEMA Spa Experience.


lasema rates

Photo from New Lasema Spa Facebook Page


FB Page:

Contact Number: +639958717389

Location:  8846 Sampaloc St., corner Estrella St., San Antonio Village, Makati, Makati, 1203 Metro Manila


  • D elightful Vibe – 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹
  • O utstanding Amenities – 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹
  • C ompetitive Rates – 🔹🔹🔹🔹
  • A ccessible Area – 🔹🔹🔹
  • H elpful Staffs – 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! and we will definitely be back and experience the NEW LASEMA SPA Experience again! Maybe with our partners next time? How about you guys? Share with us your thoughts!



Thanks for reading.

Hope this helps!


Take a risk, go to an adventure.

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5 thoughts on “Be relaxed the KOREAN way in this JjimJilbang SPA located just in MAKATI CITY

  1. That’s Korea and kdrama feels~ You Know funny but I haven’t been to any Jjimjilbang here in Korea. I know it’s good for the body but I am not ready to get naked hahaha. I wish to have the guts so I can visit it one day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. One great day here! What a great reviews! I really appreciate it,the amenities and facilities are absolutely amazing. Extraordinary things around this place . It’s my first time to hear from you, really want to try it out.


  3. Wow!! Sobrang ganda naman po dyan. Talaga namang nakakarelax ang Place ang sarap lang makaexperience na makapag visit dito. For sure na masasarap din ang mga foods nila. ,😋 Worth it to visit po. 🥰 Very recommended..


  4. I really want to go here in NEW LASEMA SPA AND JJIMJILBANG. It looks like a nice place and perfect place to pamper yourself. Sure na nakaka relax dito and you can feel the korean vibes. No need na magpunta ng korea dahil dito pa lang ay parang nasa korea ka na dahil ang ganda ng ambiance and interiors nila. Ang ganda din ng costumer service nila talagang very recommended and must visit. Instagrammable din ang place na ito 🤩


  5. Lasema Spa and Jjimjilbang promises to relax, renew and revitalize you during your stay which is the best thing that were ooking for a spa.
    Thank you for sharing this blog. This place is a must visit to experience the best korean spa. I think it is so worth it and more comfortable spa. Id never experienced korean spa that’s why im so curious with this


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