Are you and your bestfriend planning to go to an adventure any time soon? If you are, then let us share with you some tips on how you can plan your OOTDs with less hustle but still complement each other’s outfit perfectly.


Twin and I, went to our very first international trip together with our partners. Since we are 6795 miles apart from each other (From LONDON to PHILIPPINES), it is quite hard to unite our outfits considering the different weathers of the countries we will be coming from.

A big thanks to Facebook Messenger, we were able to send our initial planned outfits while we pack our luggage for our upcoming TAIWAN trip.

Here are the things we came up with:


  • Thinking of what concept to use in your OOTDs is one way to match your clothing. It is very important to consider the places you will be visiting to avoid freezing or sweating during the whole tour and photo ops.


  • For this outfit, we matched our OOTDs with our itinerary. Since we will be visiting Yehliu Geopark, fly a lantern at Pingxi Old Street and watch the sunset at Jiufen, it is best to pick colors within the color palette of these places and apply it in some AUTUMN BOHEMIAN themed outfit.
  • We have researched that the weather in Taiwan will be a bit colder than the Philippines during our visit therefore it is highly suggested to avoid summer clothing. My bestfriend chose to wear a mustard midi dress which I matched with my long orange skirt with yellow floral pattern.



  • One easy way to plan your OOTDs is to pick a certain pattern you can match your outfits with. Either your tops or bottoms, patterns can make a big impact in harmonizing your twinning ootds.


  • For this outfit, my bestfriend chose to wear her checkered skirt which I matched with my 80 pesos skort (looks like a skirt but its shorts underneath) from taytay. Spice it up with a contrasting colored tops and poof! Effortlessly matched OOTDs.



  • Nothing beats an OOTD with coordinating colors! In this tip, it is not necessary to have a theme as long as there’s a certain color primarily matching the whole outfit.


  • We recommend to pick a bright color to emphasize and complement each other’s outfits. Dark colors such as BLACK sometimes do not make a unique impression as to bright colors namely PINK, ORANGE and YELLOW.
  • In this outfit, we decided to go against each other’s theme, Girly and Manly. I simply coordinated my bestfriend’s two-toned long skirt with my pink striped long sleeve-top which made our OOTD’s still look perfectly matched.



  • There are lots of ways to put some flavors into the basics, the only struggle is how to avoid looking TOO MATCHED (Parang sasayaw – as what some Filipinos say) especially when wearing some plain white T’s.


  • For this outfit, my bestfriend wore a 2-piece dress with white T underneath. I matched her outfit with the same flow and length skirt and a plain white T as well for my top.
  • With these, wearing the same basic top but using different pieces to complete each look can help complement each other’s outfit while staying away from an obvious match.



  • If you and your bestfriend’s outfits were not quiet matched, then accessories is the key. Have at least 2 accessories that can harmonize each other’s outfit or if you can, then just use exactly the same accessories.


  • Most of the time, my bestfriend and I unite in picking the same fashion items. Luckily, she scored these stylish bags which made our outfit seemed to still coordinate without looking the same.
  • Also, wearing a matching silver or gold accessories can make a great accent on your whole twinning OOTDs.



You can make use of your partners to check if the colors of your outfits and the background blend together nicely. As you can see at the bottom photo, their outfits are coordinated as well with ours.

SPECIAL THANKS to our very patient partners for taking our pictures and being a good sport in our Twinning OOTD ideas.

If all else fails, JUST HAVE FUN and LAUGH IT ALL OUT! After all, the experience and bonding are what truly matters most in your ADVENTURE.


Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading.


Take a risk, go to an adventure.

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11 thoughts on “TWINNING 101: 5 Tips on matching OOTDs with your Bestie for your next trip

  1. Lovin that photo with the moon structure (don’t know what to call it haha) and the lavanders 🙂 saktong bagay yung shade ng outfit sa elements sa pic. And yes, matching but not too matched.


  2. I like the idea that you are twinning but not really…in the sense that you match so well but you don’t look ridiculous.


  3. I like this article! You don’t have to have the same outfits — you just need the common elements such as prints, colors or fabrics and you’re good to pair up!
    This is helpful to those who have regular travel buddies like me!


  4. This is so cute!!!! Agree with almost all of the items here. Doesn’t have to be exactly the same outfits — but if you have common elements such as prints and colors and fabrics, then you can pair it up!

    This article is helpful to those who have regular travel buddies like me.


  5. Something to share for twins and besties out there. Have a theme, wear the same patterns, color coordinate and pair up your accessories. 🙂


  6. This is so cute! I love your bags. There’s a lot of ideas on how to be on twinning outfits. We will apply it with my daughter.


  7. This went viral right? Very clever idea. I have a hong kong trip next month and this inspired me to plan my ootds with my cousins. My instagram game will be so strong. Hihihi.


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