Don’t we all have that mood wherein we just wanted to escape and get away quickly from all the stresses of the city? Giving ourselves some time to heal and be ready before another wrecking week begins?

tanay rizal resorts

El Patio Razon was one of our top choices while looking for a place to clear our minds and relax while bonding near Manila. A more or less 2-hour travel time from Manila, this overlooking resort will give you the REAL feels of NATURE at its finest.

quick getaway near manila

It was stated in their website that they got featured in Jessica Soho, Reel Time and iJuander. Here’s an honest review and full details regarding the EL PATIO RAZON RESORT in Tanay, Rizal.

tanay rizal maps


  • Via Private vehicle

Simple search from “El Patio Razon” in Waze or Google Maps. Travel time from EDSA Cubao will be around 1 hour and 30 minutes if without traffic. El Patio Razon is just a few minutes after Masungi Georeserve drop off point. When you see a signage of TREASURE MOUNTAIN and a tricycle terminal enter that rocky road and El Patio Razon will be on your right.

mapPhoto captured from Google Maps
  • Via Commute

From Gateway-Cubao, ride a jeepney or van going to Cogeo or Padilla. Tell the driver to drop you off at Gate 2. In our case we were not dropped off at the exact place of the jeepney terminal. We had to cross on the other side and walk our way to the City Mall of Antipolo. This will confuse you especially when travelling at night. Landmark of the jeepney terminal will be the 7 eleven right after the Citymall. Ride the jeepney going to Sampaloc and tell the driver to drop you of at Maysawa Circuit. Finally, ride a tricycle until you reach El Patio Razon Resort. TAKE NOTE: Jeepneys going back to Cogeo arrive with an interval of 30 minutes each and usually its already FULL. If you’re in a big group, we suggest to ride the tricycle from the resort up to Cogeo to avoid the hassle.


El Patio Razon offers amenities that helps our mind and body relax without the guilt of spending too much.

  • Hot KAWA Bath

Hot Kawa Bath was originated in Antique, Philippines wherein travelers are very much willing to book a plane ticket just to experience what its like to dip into the KAWA. Great thing El Patio Razon thought about including it in their resort!

Wait for 15-minute preparation of the kawa bath, by this time you can change in your dipping clothes or roam around the resort and as soon as you come back,

TADA! FRESH and COLORFUL flowers floating on top of the hot water bath.

day tour activities ph

This is perfect especially to those who do not have enough time to fly through another province and try this unique relaxation experience. DEFINITELY WORTH THE TRY!


This! Cannot much say about the inside but look at that exterior! It is not all the time that you see a hobbit house near metro manila. We all know how expensive it is to go to New Zealand and see the famous HOBBITON.

El patio razon accommodation

Just opened later this year and again, El Patio Razon let’s you have your very own experience in staying in a hobbit house or just take those photos for your next Instagram post. Although, in our opinion, it is quite expensive for a one night stay even with free 1 hour Kawa Bath and own bathroom (check out the El Patio Razon Rates). Make sure to ready your money.

  • Night Sky CINEMA

Another unique experience is the Night ski cinema. If you are planning to stay for a night, do check this out. Watching a movie while feeling the cold breeze of night with your loved ones. Make sure to bring your own Laptop or DVD for the movie you want to watch. They do not have much selection of movies available in the resort.


tanay rizal treasure mountain

Its always a plus when there’s a free activity during your stay. Use of bonfire is usually included when you stay for a night at El Patio Razon.

camping near manila

This can be a great way to get to know more the people you are with, share some stories or even just look at the fire while it lasts.

  • Love LOCKS

We were not able to try these since we got carried away with our chikahan bonding in the Hot Kawa Bath. But if you’re familiar with Love locks, it is a very popular place to visit and activity to try in Paris with your partner in life. Writing your names and locking your promises with each other plus throwing the key to make sure that your love will stay locked in your hearts forever.

  • Kiddie POOL

tanay rizal itinerary

Sadly, it is temporary closed during our visit on a weekday. They say it’s usually open on weekends and when there are big groups that are visiting. Still hoped for it to be open even on weekdays to give chance to all travelers or at least give an advise on their website and facebook page to avoid expectations. TAKE NOTE: Bring your own food, NO CORKAGE FEE. They do not offer on the spot orders. If you are planning to visit as a group, kindly inform the resort especially when you are planning to avail their CATERING SERVICE.


You can enter El Patio Razon for as low as 50 pesos/head for a day tour visit. What’s included in the 50 pesos entrance fee?

  • Hot drinking water for Coffee and Noodles

el patio razon diy

Another option is available which is 300 pesos/head good for 10 pax. What adds to that of a 50 pesos entrance fee are:

  • Use of KUBO – only has ONE BEDROOM but the space can fit up to 25 pax
  • Use of cooking equipment and dining set


  • Hot Kawa Bath – can fit up to 2 persons, we were able to fit 3 people haha
    • Weekdays – 300 pesos per hour
    • Weekends – 100 pesos for 10 minutes
    • NIGHT – 600 pesos per hour with one movie for NIGHT SKY CINEMA
  • Night Sky Cinema – 200 pesos per movie (bring own laptop or DVD)
  • Kiddie Pool – Free for kids. 50 pesos each for accompanying adult
    • Not open during weekdays unless stated
  • Love Locks – 150 pesos per lock


  • Bring your own TENT – 250 pesos per head
    • with FREE entrance fee and use of Bonfire
  • Tent Rental
    • 500 pesos good for 2 pax
    • 1000 pesos good for 6 to 8 pax
    • with FREE entrance fee and use of Bonfire
  • The HOBBIT HOUSE 3500 pesos good for 2 pax
    • Use of Hot Kawa Bath – 1 hour
    • One Queen sized bed
    • with own CR
    • with FIREPLACE

For CATERING and USE OF PAVILION, just make a call in advance. For more packages and updates, kindly see:


No need for reservation during day tour visits on a weekday. Reservations are advisable when visiting on weekends or holidays especially for those who are planning to stay overnight.

el patio razon price


  • Van to Gate 2 – 35 pesos
  • Jeepney to Maysawa Circuit – 46 pesos
  • Tricycle to El Patio Razon – 30 pesos
  • Entrance fee – 50 pesos
  • Hot Kawa Bath – 300 pesos /3 – 100 pesos each
  • Tricycle back to Maysawa – 30 pesos
  • Jeepney to Cogeo – 46 pesos
  • Van to Cubao – 35 pesos

Total expenses = 372 pesos (exclusive of Food)


  • D elightful Vibe – √ √ √ √ √
  • O utstanding Amenities – √ √ √
  • C ompetitive Rates – √ √ √ √√
  • A ccessible Area – √ √ √ √
  • H elpful Staffs – √ √ √ √

Overall, El Patio Razon Resort was a big SULIT RELAXATION TRIP and we highly recommend it to those who are very much into NATURE and SCENIC VIEWS. Although we were not able to try their other amenities, we guarantee a recharge after dipping in those hot kawa baths. Try it!


affordable weekend getaway near manila Thank you for reading. Hope this helps!


Take a risk, go to an adventure.

Till our next, Doc and Cah

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