For our 3rd year anniversary, we were searching for a place where we can enjoy the beauty of nature. A quiet, secluded place for simple conversations and celebration of our day. It had been a long hunt for the best place to go for our first ADVENTURE. And what place caught our eyes?

The beautiful PALAUI ISLAND.Palaui island itinerary


  • Friday night, we both came from work and decided to just meet at the bus station in Cubao. No ticket bought and had no reservations whatsoever.

Unfortunately, all buses going to TUGUEGARAO are fully booked. Our only way to get to Palaui would be to be a chance passenger.

At 10 pm, no chance of riding a bus to Tuguegarao, last bus had left already. So we searched for another way to get to Palaui, and that’s riding a bus going to SANTIAGO.

  • With all the luck, we were able to ride a bus going to SANTIAGO. We asked the conductor to drop us off at CAUAYAN. From there, we rode a van going to TUGUEGARAO.

Its lunch time already when we arrived, so we decided to eat before proceeding to our exact destination. Since we’re already in tuguegarao, why not try their famous PANCIT BATIL PATUNG?

Palaui Island Review
















Canton noodles soaked in amazingly prepared sauce with meat, veges and sunny side up eggs. First bite and an explosion of flavors comes in your mouth.!


We chose to dine at KOBY KUBO, just along the highway. We’ve read so many great reviews about this diner and it even exceeded our expectation.

How to go to palaui island

how to go to palaui island

With our tummies filled, time to be back on the road. We rode a tricycle and asked the driver to get us to the terminal going to Sta. Ana, Cagayan.

A no aircon van is the only transportation available. We’ve waited quite some time for more passengers , but I’ve heard you can pay and rent the whole van which is more affordable if you are planning to go in a group.

Beautiful views and a few more hours of travel, at 3pm we finally arrived at our first destination. JOTAY RESORT.

Palaui Island itinerary

Very quiet place to stay. A beach front view, with pools and restaurants. We paid 1500 pesos for a room for 2. Two beds with air condition, cable tv and own bathroom with hot and cold shower.

Palaui Island Review

We ate at their restaurant and ordered buttered shrimp and sinigang. The food was delicious but a bit pricey which was expected in a resort’s restaurant.

Palaui Island Review

Palaui Island Review

After our yummy dinner, we walked around the beach. No lights though, all you can see clearly are the moon and the stars. Outstanding view indeed before finally going to sleep.

We got to wake up very early so we can roam around and visit the public market. We heard that the seafoods sold there are fresh catch and we can ask the resort to cook it for us.

Palaui Island itinerary

Delicious fresh crabs for breakfast!! You can order fried rice and coffee at the resort’s restaurant to partner with your fresh seafoods.

Checked out, and its finally time to reach the beautiful PALAUI ISLAND! We walked to the highway and rode a tricycle going to the port. We asked the locals for a boat ride to the island, including the tour to other historical and swimming spots.


Boat Rentals – Maximum of 8 passengers and 6 hours of use starting from boarding

What we availed:

  • Punta Verde + Cape Engano + Anguib Beach + Crocodile Island) – 3500 pesos
  • Overnight of above trip just add 300 pesos for homestay at the island – 3800 pesos

For more list of Palaui island tour package, please see:

Pinay solo backpacker’s recent blogpost about this beautifully peaceful island
















3500 pesos for a boat good for 8 persons including the tour.


How to go to palaui island


  • Aling Elsa’s Homestay – 300 pesos per night/pax (Contact number: 09052832559)

Palaui island homestay

Very homey, clean and it has a guard dog! Its safe!  so no worries:

Dropped our bags at our room and its time for our next destination. To see the whole view of the island and visit the historical CAPE ENGANO.

You will have 2 options to get to Cape Engano:

  • First is a boat ride 2 way (to and from the Cape)
  • Second is the 3 hours of trekking around the island

Of course we chose the hard part. It is said you will be able to see all the great views of  the whole island. Its like hitting 2 birds with one stone.

Palaui island history

Baratubut falls

Side trip to Baratubut Falls.

Very cold refreshing water although you can’t swim at the bottom due to its size but hiking it up was all worth it for this pretty view.

A view of the beach at low tide and sea shells harvesting kids. Too cute!

Palaui Island map

Palau island itinerary

how to go to cape engano

cape engano carribean

palaui island itinerary

how to go to cape engano

After an exhausting trek/hike, we are almost at the top. But first, its lunch time! We asked Aling Elsa to prepare us a meal for two before we head to the cape.

  • 150 pesos each including mineral water and fruits

And look what she made for us:

Palaui Island hotel

BABY LOBSTERS!!! First time to try one and its truly addicting!

Don’t forget to share some to your guide. Share your blessings.😉

After filling our tummies, time to proceed to trekking and finally, reach the top.

Cape engano lighthouse history

how to go to cape engano

Cape Engano Lighthouse


Cape Engano Lighthouse history

Tanned!  The sun in Cagayan was blazing!

How to go to cape engano

Now for the view of the whole island.

how to go to palaui island

palaui island review

What a wonderful world.😍

Palaui island resorts

Palaui island review

Our hardworking guide. The wife of our boatman. Love in Palaui.

Palaui island itinerary

A few more walks up for a view of the top of Cape Engano.

how to go to cape engano

palaui island review

A breeze of fresh air,the perfect sunlight and a view of the pacific ocean

What more can we ask for.🖒

Palaui Island tour package

Palaui Island Map

A beautiful beach at the bottom of the cape waiting for us to swim in it. What’s more great than that? Its for free! A little walk down and its time for a dip in this hot weather.

Palaui Island map

Once we came to the beach and Doc started swimming. Two cute dogs went to the beach to swim with him. What a way to ease all the tiredness from the trekking.

how to go to palaui island

palaui island tour package

Palaui island review

After a long dip, time to head back to Aling Elsa’s and rest.

  • We have to get back before dark because there’s no electricity at the island.

They use car batteries for the lights and electric fans. Its not hot at all at night, so you can still sleep comfortably.

Woke up at 5:30 pm and its already very dark. Surprisingly, Aling Elsa prepared a merienda for us without any additional charges. Free Cassava Cake and softdrinks.

Ate a seafood feast at around 7:30pm and walked at the shore while stargazing before we went to sleep. It just makes the end of our day incredibly perfect.

No lights. Just the sound of waves while our hands are together. Ahhh peace.

Palaui Island Map

Beautiful Sunrise from PALAUI ISLAND

Palaui Island homestay

A visit to Boracay of the north for our last day in the island. Asked our boatman to fetch us at 6 am and Aling Elsa prepared us some breakfast to eat at the beach later.

Palaui Island Homestay

Palaui Island homestay

Cost of breakfast: 120 pesos each

Boat ride to our destination.

Palaui Island tour package

And here it is, THE ANGUIB BEACH!

how to go to palaui island

Entrance fee-30 pesos.

You can choose to park at the side or the main entrance but the main entrance costs 100 pesos per head.

Its weekday when we came so there were no other tourists than us. We were able to enjoy the beach as much as we want.

It seems like we rented the whole Anguib!

anguib beach

palaui island tour package

Be careful in swimming at some areas because our boatman said the waves are a bit strong.

Palaui island review

Anguib beach

Palaui Island resorts

White sand, Gradient Blue Waters, No seaweeds at the shore. Perfect!

After our lunch at Anguib beach, we proceeded to Crocodile Island. Why is it called crocodile island? See for yourself:

palaui island review

Crocodile shaped rocks above the blue waters

palaui island map

Palaui Island tour packageShots from the top of the crocodile figure.

Palaui island tour package

Palaui island review

Happy Kids! Very satisfied with our trip!

Before leaving the island we roam around with Aling Elsa. Took some pictures and found out that you can also stay at tents with certain charge. But at a specific location only. 

Palaui island history

Palaui Island mapCottages available for stay. Behind it are the land for the tents.

how to go to palaui islandThe island is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. It carries so much including the kind hearts of the people around it. Thank you to our boatmans and guide and of course to Aling Elsa for taking care of us!

PALAUI is so blessed to have such kind and hospitable people. Never forget to give them tips even if they already got profits from your stay. You will truly help them more and make them feel appreciated.

It was a great anniversary gift of nature. What a wonderful world. 

palaui island itinerary

See you again, PALAUI!😚

P.S before going home we stayed a night at TUGUEGARAO for 900 pesos room with a bed of 2, tv and hot and cold shower.A tour around the city and a quick rest from all the travel. The owner was very kind to accomodate us. It was just a few blocks away from Mercato of tuguegarao. The LUNA STREAT.

So make sure to visit it before heading home! The foods are delicious and quite affordable! Its near the bus station so better not miss it.! Buy pasalubongs! Chicharabao are the famous ones so get one for your loved ones. Tried it is yum!


Palaui Island Full Itinerary:

DAY 0:

  • 10:00pm- rode a bus at victory liner cubao going to santiago.

DAY 1:

  • 8:00am – arrival at CAUAYAN
  • 8:15 am- rode a van going to TUGUEGARAO
  • 11:30am- arrival at tuguegarao
  • 11:30-12:00pm- rest and lunch at KOBYKUBO
  • 12:00pm-rode a tricycle going to the terminal
  • 1:00pm- travel to STA. ANA CAGAYAN
  • 3:00pm-arrival at STA ANA, checked in at JOTAY RESORT
  • 6:00pm-dinner at JOTAY RESTAURANT
  • 7:00pm-walk by the beach, stargazing
  • 8:30pm-rest and sleep for a long day the next day.

DAY 2:

  • 6:00am – woke up early to go to the public market
  • 7:30am-came back to the resort for a seafood breakfast
  • 8:30am – rode a tric going to the port
  • 10:00am-boat ride and arrival at PALAUI ISLAND
  • 10:30am-dropped bags then trek to CAPE ENGANO
  • 1:00pm-lunch time
  • 2:00pm-enjoying the beautiful views and fresh air from the top.
  • 3:00pm-went back down to go swimming.
  • 4:30pm-boat ride to Aling Elsa for a rest
  • 5:30pm-woke up from a nap, ate some merienda
  • 6:30-7:00pm-dinnertime
  • 8:00pm- walk by the beach while talking about our experiences.
  • 9:00pm- lights out, literally( no electricity) time for a sleep.

DAY 3:

  • 5:30am-sunrise watching by the beach
  • 6:00am-boat ride to Anguib Beach
  • 7:30-10:30am- roam around, took pictures, went swimming, prepared for lunch
  • 11:00am-lunch time
  • 12:00pm-pack up to go to CROCODILE ISLAND
  • 1:00pm-headed back to the Port
  • 2:00pm- rode a tric going to the terminal back to tuguegarao.
  • 4:00pm-arrival at tuguegarao victory liner to buy tickets going back to manila.
  • 4:30pm-checked in at the hotel and went to eat.
  • 5:30-6:30pm- bought pasalubongs!
  • 7:30pm- dinner at LUNA STREAT
  • 9:00pm-went back to the hotel to rest

DAY 4:

  • 5:30am-preparation for depart
  • 6:00am-rode a tric going to victory liner
  • 6:30am-time of departure
  • 8:00pm-arrival at the terminal (CUBAO)


Palaui Island

Take a risk, go to an adventure.🖒

Till our next,


Instagram: @adventureswithdocah



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